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Sutherland is a real estate finance company that acquires, originates, manages, services and finances primarily SBC loans. SBC loans generally range in original principal amount of between $500,000 and $10 million and are used by small businesses to purchase real estate used in their operations or by investors seeking to acquire small multi-family, office, retail, mixed use or warehouse properties. Sutherland also invests in SBC ABS and other real estate related investments. Our objective is to provide attractive risk adjusted returns to its stockholders, primarily through dividends and secondarily through capital appreciation. In order to achieve this objective, Sutherland will continue to grow our investment portfolio by acquiring SBC loans and related investments and originating new SBC loans.

We are externally managed and advised by Waterfall Asset Management, LLC, an SEC registered investment adviser, whose investment professionals source and evaluate our loan acquisition and advise on our new loan origination strategies.

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